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General Information

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    Account Access
    Only the account holder or their authorized representative may contact the utility office to obtain information regarding the account. When connecting services, please be prepared to provide the names and last 4 digits of the social security number of any persons you would like to authorize to have access to your account.

    Do you currently have an account with us and need to update your account? Click here to download the form.
    Homeowners will be exempt from putting down an initial deposit. Deposit Review will be used to identify accounts that have no deposit on file but begin paying late. After two late payments in 12 months, the deposit will be billed in one installment. Exemption from deposit will be for those who enroll in auto pay. After the first auto pay return/non-payment, the deposit will be billed in one installment.

    Renters will be billed deposit on the first month's bill in one installment. The only exemption from deposit will be for those who enroll in auto pay. After the first auto pay return/non-payment, the deposit will be billed in one installment.

    Deposit amount for all residential accounts is 1½ times the estimated average monthly bill. Deposit amounts will be evaluated periodically to ensure adequate deposits are collected. If additional deposits are required, they will be billed. Initially, existing customers with deposits of $105 and $30 will be "grandfathered" in and not required to increase their deposit as long as they are not on the cut list.

    Should an account be disconnected for non-pay, the deposit amount will be evaluated to ensure adequate deposit is on account. If not, additional deposit amounts will be collected.

    Deposit Refunds – Applies to the final bill or refunded for good payment record by request after 24 months of service with no more than two late payments.

    Commercial accounts will pay a deposit of two times the annual estimated monthly bill amount. Exemption will be letter of credit from utility company showing 24 months of service with no late payments, returned checks or disconnects for non-payment in most recent 12 months.

    Deposit Refunds – same as letter of credit criteria.

    Please contact us at 979.764.3535 for specific deposit requirements for your location or account number. We monitor all accounts to ensure a prompt payment record is being maintained. A prompt payment record is defined as two or less late payments within the most recent 12-month period. Accounts that do not maintain this prompt pay record will be billed a deposit.

    Meters are the property of the City of College Station and are not to be turned on or off except by authorized city employees. Unauthorized connection of a meter is illegal under state law. The city has the right of access to meters whenever necessary.
    Non-Pay Terminations
    Accounts with past due balances are subject to disconnection. Services disconnected for non-payment will not be restored until all past due balances have been paid.

    Please notify us that payment has been made by calling 979.764.3535 and services will be restored. Additional fees will be charged for restoring services after hours and on weekends.
    Online Account Information
    To access your online account or to pay your bill, please click here.

    NOTE: New accounts will not be available online until after the first utility bill for that address is generated.

    For any questions, please contact us at 979.764.3535.
    Customers have 15 days from the date the bill is mailed to make payment. Accounts with past due balances are subject to disconnection. Our office must receive payment by the due date to avoid an additional fee. We do not go by postmark date on mailed payments. All payments should show your account number.
    Payment can be made through any of these options:

       •   Click here to pay with a debit/credit card online. 
       •   The city's automatic voice payment system: 979.764.ePAY (3729)
       •   In-person at 310 Krenek Tap Road in College Station
       •   Mail to P.O. Box 10230, College Station, TX, 77842
       •   Contact a customer service representative at 979.764.3535

    NOTE: The city is only using Paymentus Corp. for online bill payments. Please do NOT utilize any other third-party application that claims to facilitate your utility bill payments. The city does not receive money from other applications and you would still be subject to disconnection for non-payment.
    Budget Billing
    College Station Utilities Budget Billing program enables customers to pay the same amount each month for utilities based on the previous 12 months average total bills. In order to qualify for this program, you must have a history of at least 12 months of service at the same location. Your utility account cannot have a past due balance and credit history on the account will be considered at the time of enrollment.

    At the time you sign up, we will average your last 12 months and begin billing the averaged amount. As you receive your bills each month, you will see what the actual calculated charge would be based on that month's meter reading but you will be asked to pay the budget amount. You will also see a deferred balance which may be a positive or a negative amount. On the twelfth bill, we will settle the account. The settle up bill will be made up of that month's actual charge plus or minus the deferred. If your settle up bill shows a credit, you can contact us for a refund if you like or simply let the credit remain on the account to be applied to the next budget bill. If the settle up bill shows a balance due, you'll need to pay it in full. We will then re-calculate your new budget amount based on the most recent twelve months history and notify you of the new amount.

    Note: In order to remain a budget bill customer, utility bill payments need to be paid by the due date. Paying late will result in termination of budget billing.

    Click here to sign up for our Budget Billing program.
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